Proposition 2020


In June of 2020, the district passed Proposition 2020 to complete addition and renovation projects to the Elementary and Middle Schools. As part of this project, one large building addition is planned. The addition will include 2 pre-kindergarten learning environments, 6 kindergarten learning environments, multiple resource and SPED rooms, a new art room, and misc. building and staff support areas such as a teacher work room, storage space, and toilet rooms. Site improvements will be required to accommodate the additions and to increase traffic flow and safety. The main classroom addition will be the connecting piece from the existing elementary school to the existing middle school.

The planned additions and renovations will provide upgraded learning spaces for the future educational needs of the district. The new kindergarten classes will be set up in favor of a kindergarten program, but will be flexible enough to accommodate Pre-K–2nd grades. The special education rooms will be a flexible learning space as well, the room will have a primary and secondary teaching wall, provide tackable wall surfaces, an interactive projector, and storage casework with sink. 

The new art room will have access to storage and a kiln room and will have in-room cabinetry and sinks. The new music room will have access to a storage room and cabinetry. The new multipurpose infill will have acoustic characteristics in order to reduce sound transmittance to adjacent classrooms. An enlarged media center will allow for state-of-the-art technology and flexible instruction areas. Additional support spaces will be provided as well – including new and renovated toilet rooms, a teacher work room with staff toilets, and other misc. support and storage spaces. 

Substantial completion is planned for December 2021.