John Diemer



As part of a $264 Million Dollar Bond issue that was recently approved by the patrons of the Shawnee Mission School District to improve the learning environments for their students. John Diemer was slated to be replaced with a bleeding edge learning facility that fosters the notion that learning happens everywhere and just not in the traditional classroom. The design was born out during a series of five visioning meetings with parents and staff, working closely with IDS during these meetings key ideas like visual openness, safety, flexibility, collaboration and grade level cohorts where students can help define their individual pathway towards learning were just a few of the major ideas revealed during these sessions. 

IDS was able to check every box in this new design. Classrooms are connected by Co-Lab spaces that act as mini maker spaces that include individual toilets and student cubbies, they also act as an acoustical buffer between the rooms and lastly as a shelter in place location. This small addition allows for high flexibility in the classrooms, students now have access to the large community collaboration spaces in the front through large glass garage doors and the adjacent classroom through the Co-Lab spaces through sliding barn doors. There is a place for all students to find their ideal location for exploration and development. 

The classroom learning spaces include fifteen core learning spaces with an ideal capacity of 450 students and a max capacity of 550 students; two special education classrooms to be supported with accessory storage, toilet, and sensory rooms; and five learning spaces to house Art, Band, Vocal, Maker Lab, Gym, and Media Center.

John Diemer Elementary is expected to reach substantial completion in December of 2022.


The images shown below are design renderings.