Jackson Field


In addition to the turf upgrade, the field has been ringed by a wide concrete walk that replaced their old gravel path, allowing for easier travel for all patrons, especially anyone with disabilities.  Included with that new walk is a 4’-0” high vinyl chain link fence to help better define the players area from the fan zones, protecting both players and fans with a safer separation.  

A new video scoreboard has been added behind the East end zone to provide the facility with high resolution videos, pregame/game time commercials, highlights, announcements and more that greatly enhances the fans game time experience. These improvements to the overall football complex have not only greatly improved the fan and player experience for district, but has created a great environment to host teams from across the state and beyond.

This facility will now be available to host more functions for a wider variety of users than ever before, with absolute minimal down time between those events, during a much longer season.