Jackson R-II North


The North Elementary School included a moderately sized addition and a major renovation to an existing one story 32,000 square foot elementary building. Included in the 12,000 square foot addition of new construction was five standard classrooms, two SPED classrooms, and a media center with a large collaboration space and restroom. 

The 12,000 square foot renovation portion of the project included a completely revamped administration area with a much-needed conference room, a larger literature library, resource room, speech and reading rooms, an updated teacher’s lounge, nurse’s station, restrooms and a new secured entrance. The construction of the new addition occurred during the school year, allowing for minimal disruption to the school program.

The renovation portion of the project, from demolition to the final walk-through of the space, was completed in the summer break to minimize the impact on the school. The site was slightly modified to allow a more user-friendly play area for the students while providing a more secure enclosure with better sight lines for the staff. The North Elementary School projects were completed as construction manager at risk with the general contractor.