Architectural Staff, Safety & Security Specialist


Certified to conduct CTPED facility assessments


Master of Architecture, Kansas State University

Professional Experience:

As a graduate from Kansas State University with a minor in Regional and Community Planning, Jacob brings advanced software, modeling and visualization techniques to the incite team. He strives for a well thought out and cohesive design throughout all aspects of a project.


Jacob has completed 64 hours of National Institute of Crime Prevention courses to earn a Criminal Prevention Through Environmental Design Professional Designation (CPD). This designation utilizes CPTED concepts and strategies to provide the skills necessary to deliver proper design and effective use of the built and social environments, achieving a productive use of space and a reduction of crime. Subjects covered included the proper design of schools & parks, public art - color & human behavior, terror mitigation methods, lighting strategies, planning & zoning considerations, behavioral management, as well as plan review & report writing techniques.