Perryville Primary & Elementary


In April 2017, the Prop. KIDS tax levy proposal passed. This allowed for the district to move forward with much needed improvements to the district. These improvements included a new Perryville Primary Center and renovations to Perryville Elementary School. 

The original elementary school was built in 1976 to hold a maximum capacity of 700. The elementary school grew well past capacity at 900 students and the district sought a solution to better serve students and teachers.

iDS conducted facility walk-throughs as well as town hall meetings and surveys to gain input from teachers, staff, administration, parents, and community members on how to best meet the needs of students and teachers. The solution was to construct a primary center for grades PK-1 & 2 and renovate the current elementary school to hold grades 3-5.

The Primary Center and Elementary School renovations support the current needs and future growth trends of the district. The 2019-2020 estimated enrollment is 450 for Perryville Primary Center and 480 for Perryville Elementary School. The Primary Center and Elementary School were completed in time for the 2019-2020 school year.