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2016   -   Bond Issue Additions and Renovations to High School

2015 - Projects include parking lot improvements and HVAC improvements to various schools. As well as continuing the on going District Facility Assessment and Master Plan

Total Construction Costs: $608,000


2014 - Projects include renovations and secured entrances at four elementary schools, site improvements at the high school, and weight room improvements at the high school.

Total Construction Cost: $685,000


2013 - Projects include new dugouts for the district ballfields, backstop netting, bleachers, fenching, bullpens, scoreboards, public address system, and a Ballfield Master Plan.

Total Construction Costs: $50,000


2012 - Projects include an Administrative Services Center renovation.

Total Construction Cost: $50,000


2011 - Projects include a district ballfields renovated parking lot.

Total Construction Cost: $71,000


2009 - Projects include a District Facility Assessment and Master Plan, and roofing Improvements to various schools.

Total Construction Cost: $152,000


2008 - Projects include roofing improvements to various schools.

Total Construction Cost: $751,600


2007 - Projects include upgrading security at the Freshman Center, upgrading various access control systems throughout the district, parking lot improvements to various schools, and a concession and storage building for the district ballfields.

Total Construction Cost $819,000.